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Seven and a half hours--- Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I think I'm finally somewhat happy with the Archive, Character, and Encounter Tracker pages.

Not that there's much else I can do about it if I wasn't happy with them at the moment, considering I'm at the brink of shattering like glass.

Anyway, sorry updates have been pretty slow. Sleep schedule is utterly screwed and I'm just finding it harder and harder to find the will to draw.
Plus I've been taking a break from Legends Arceus for a minute.
by DayBreak
Hey guys. So you might've been wondering where I've been.
Short answer is: hell.

It's been becoming more painful on my back to draw lately, and now even silly little doodles puts me into hell. So for the sake of my health, the Ascension Nuzlocke comic is temporarily on hold, at the very least until I'm no longer in pain from even drawing sketches.

Thank you for understanding, and I'll see you guys when I'm back up and actually ready for drawing.
by DayBreak
Usually it's either motivation that hits me like a freight train for a certain thing, or it can also be burnout.
This time, that burnout was followed up by me getting run over with a cold while it was at it.
I'll try to have something out next Monday. Again, sorry about the lack of page this time.
by DayBreak
Arms have been sore and I’ve been drained all day. Probably came down with something. Hoping it fucks off soon. Been having a bit of throat issues but that may just be because without my fan in, my room has shit ventilation, but with it, my room becomes a freezer.

I’ve got one page in the queue for Monday but I don’t know if I’ll have anything for the 28th. May have to push it back, idk. We’ll see.
by DayBreak
I... I somehow have almost thrice as many subscribers to this comic as there are pages, and most of it so far has just been in a blank void.

I mean, I'm glad you like the comic, thank you!! Though I may have to lower the updates to just one day a week because from here on, I'm going to be pretty out of my comfort zone.
Updates will probably go down to just Fridays or something, idk. I'm still kinda figuring things out.
by DayBreak