Pokémon used to be a lot more dangerous...
Need for a Distraction
Need for a Distraction
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Mae's gonna be realizing real fast that catching Pokémon isn't exactly as easy as it normally is. Also, they are doing Laventon and Cyndaquil a concern.

Mae: Wh-- ngh!
Mae: Yea... Yea, I'm alright...
Mae: I'll be fine. No need to worry about me. I'm alright...
Mae: Anyway, enough about me. I saw you were having trouble catching those Pokémon a bit ago.
Laventon: Well, yes. I was hoping you could help me round them up. However, now I'm-
Laventon: ... What?
Mae: Give me the Pokéballs. I'll catch them for you, no problem.
Laventon: Are you sure?
Mae: Trust me, this'll be done in a few minutes.
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